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Momiji Makeup Artist Bali | 1 Lady – 3 Themes Beauty with airbrush make up
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1 Lady – 3 Themes Beauty with airbrush make up

Dear Girl,

Wow it just amazing that today i could finish the make up hair do for newest portfolio of MOMIJI well well today theme kinda special though because all airbrush using 🙂

The Model is Kat Katashi, i already use her once before and now because she also need more portfolio for her so we done this together

Anyway the first theme is “Natural Bronze Beauty”. In this theme Kat’s skin which is a bit pigmentation in a few part of face i cover layers bronze mix beige airbrush and for the eyes i use Bobbi Brown pigment brick shadow in bronze to medium brown as well for the blush i use Bobbi brown Dark brown glittery and pale gloss YSL in a bit pink glittery

the results are 🙂

Wow now time to go to 2nd theme 😉 .. this theme i call DIsco Fever hehehehe, love to play with short wigs with light blonde and ash color, and for the make up i put on some candy color with airbrush tecnique Blue, Orange, Pink, Shimmer Pink, Yellow it’s all strong and candy sweet color though hehehehe, blush on i put on dark pink with a bit shimmer on and put the lips glossy and purple lipscream.. can’t wait do you to see the  results heheheheh, so Please Enjoy then my Happy Disco Fever Moment Ons!!

For the 3rd theme ii believe some of you will say that i’m crazy or some kind of that things hehehhe but somehow ti need to expressions some of my desire passions etc. This theme my inspirations was female yakuza that i always read in manga ;p .. but in my mind that i admire the strong the braves and the mysterious beauty and sex appeal that appear in their look, that’s why i made a little bit extremist for the 3rd theme and the model still Kat Katashi .. so for about 6 hours  we done this three themes 🙂 i feel so good Girls (*_*) so please enjoy if you want and please just ignore it if you think it too much. Keep on Moving!!

What i want to say that 1 person can show up with so many different image total look and total appearance and total different confident .. That’s the Magic of Make up and hairstyle Done for Kat Katashi so What about You today? :0 .. Thanks to Bayu – Infocus Studio Bali for your great talents ;). And all the pictures in this blog is no editing at all!!

See you Girls in other occasions and Story :)))