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Momiji Makeup Artist Bali | Budi & Lenny Prewedding – The Warm of Love is…
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Budi & Lenny Prewedding – The Warm of Love is…

While i wrote this blog i bit sad though.. the feeling so damn confusing in my head, Don’t know why, just like i looked into this couple’s great pictures i just feel some strange warm feeling in my eyes, i miss to feel it .. wonder how long already that feeling missing from my heart 🙁

Anyway during the make up hairdo session with Lenny and following the journey of the shoots with excellent VOEU Photography team .. it was fun guys 😉 .. Lenny have unique pretty face and even prettier if she smile or not heheheheh .. what am i talking about hmmm..

Anyway for some gown she brought that day i put on light grey shadown on her eyelid  and double fake lashes to sharpen it. For special Cheongsam clothes i did black long liner on top eyelid so it give oriental scene and red lipstick to confirmed it

not to talk to much and please see the results of my work this time and enjoy the warm feeling from the great chemistry of this couple that come from talented photographers from VOEU Photography Team