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Momiji Makeup Artist Bali | Fashion make up 9-10-10 Jen Perth
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Fashion make up 9-10-10 Jen Perth

For this pictures it’s kind of emergency because i took the pictures all with my blackberry which is have  bad camera 2 mp only 🙁 so sad.

I can’t wait longer to put n share this make up session n the result that’s why i put it without waiting for the good one from the photographer

I promise you guys will upload much more, more more more nice result pics after ii get from the photographer

So amazing 😉

Jen she is indonesian but live in Perth and she is very talented model n brave to try something new, that’s why with 4 different costume i’ve done 4 very different style on her, but still can upload 2 style only.. hmm ;( sorry

Anyway hope still can enjoy this fashion make up & hairstyle ^_^/