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Momiji Makeup Artist Bali | Gili-Lombok it’s about Bayu & Feli When Love come into the Wild Nature
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Gili-Lombok it’s about Bayu & Feli When Love come into the Wild Nature

Soon this couple will be commits their love as one husband and wife and here i’m as their make up artist proudly share the joys the spreads to me and the photographers  “Mottomo”

The situation taken in Lombok & Gili as the fantastic place to taking some adventures romance hehehehe. so many great experienced we going through this shoots if to remind me now wow can’t believe we still can survive in the middle of the sea with raining and once the machine of the boat off wuahhhh.. it was scary hehehe

Anyway as for the main theme this time is “Indian” as Feli love it so much so i bring quiet a lots stuffs with me to make it best start with the outfits and alls 😉

The make up and hairdo also challenging cause Feli got short hair and very smooths so that i need to do some trick to make it look different every time she change the cloths. the make up is simple since there is very very hots well i just want to make the eyes look indeed pretty, inocennt and sharp in every different cloths as well

So that without to much talk please enjoy the story from Bayu & Feli 😉 Thank you Bayu & Feli also Mottomo Team Photography to allow me have this great pictures shares with all of my Girls around the worlds