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Momiji Makeup Artist Bali | Habib & Melissa Prewedding to Remember Always – Singapore
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Habib & Melissa Prewedding to Remember Always – Singapore

What should i say about this couple hmmmm speechless i think hehehhehe, this time prewedding i should bring soo many outfit n stuffs because of the couple request very unusual theme to get in shoots

Starting with ET inspired from Katy Perry Song, continue with gipsy, Korean Bride, Young in love Vampire, Hatsune, Harajuku Style, until maybe the most normal outfit in last shoot hehhehehhe

The chemistry of this couple is very awesome because usually for this kind of “unique theme” not all the man can follow what woman want hehehehe, and also for Melissa i really admire her, she just so consistent of what she told us before n didn’t feel like shame of act or do based on theme, that make me n photographer get strong feeling to struggle n get the best we can do for them 🙂

Anyway enjoy the moments !! (^o*)/