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Momiji Makeup Artist Bali | Make up session for RawRaw Famose Designer in Bali
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Make up session for RawRaw Famose Designer in Bali

Well this time make up session full of so many crowded things hahahaha, begin with Mc Donalds because all of us is very hungry. the make up start at 2pm and the photo shoots start at 4pm.. The model is Ita she is very talented Girl hmmm and very nice model also

so many style i made for this time shoots but still didn’t get the results from RawRaw heheheheh, that”s why i put some photos from my own camera first for some look 🙂 Enjoy Gals!!

ow yeah just as your point of view that the girl except the Model is RaRa i call her Raw Raw just because she is so adorable and funny hehehhee, she is young and talented, interseting in the wardrobe? contact me to get her hohohoho

Enjoy the make up and the hairstyle? hmm will upload sooo much more for this title gals, just wait and see ok!

mmuah mmuah (*_^)/