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Momiji Makeup Artist Bali | Owen & Linda Prewedding from semarang to Jakarta ^^/
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Owen & Linda Prewedding from semarang to Jakarta ^^/

No words that can explain about Owen & Linda :), it’s in the good meaning, hehehhe because they come from Semarang to Jakarta only to do the prewedding photo shoot with bring with them so many outfit, woow so well prepare.

The theme of they prewedding photo shoot is the colonial n glamorous, so the y choose Bidadari Island, Kota tua n many more to do the shoot.

For the make up & hairstyle, Linda leave to me to do allthe creations based on the wardrobe that she brought from Semarang n another rent in Jakarta

linda have chubby face but so beautifull n lovely skin so it’s so help me to do the make over to her with smokey brown & grey colour, some light pink¬† highlight , pink to brown shade to make her face look slimmer n natural colour of lips

Hairstyle more fun, because with a lot of outfit you can do anykind of hairdo, from glamorous madame, old fashion colonial lady untill chic dramatic woman ^^ wew enjoy guys

Photo by: Cin Shine Photography