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Momiji Makeup Artist Bali | Prewedding at Hongkong-Macau couple 1
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Prewedding at Hongkong-Macau couple 1

The prewedding was taken in Hongkong and Macau, in many fantastic place ūüôā so happy with them

The first couple they good for funny or character pose that’s why i do more in hairstyling than the make up. The wheater that time was killing us wow so damn hot and huminity so high, almost can’t breath

But thanks God the first couple done in 2 days exaclty at 12 midnite hehehehheh wow ^_”>

I’m sorry if you do zoom in the picture, break, because i just get low resolution pictures, the photographers still too busy to give me the high res hehhehehhehe.. but enjoy guys!

photo by: Gery All Season Photography  Surabaya