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Momiji Makeup Artist Bali | Prewedding “The Journey of Culture” Aaron & Winny
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Prewedding “The Journey of Culture” Aaron & Winny

Hi Hi Hi how are you all? it’s starting to get in summer season in Bali .. hmm what’s exactly call isn’t summer but hotz seasons hiks .. getting more and more tan i thing

This time i will upload some of pictures from prewedding that already a few months ago took. Somehow  because of soooooo many pictures they took so that a bit long to get the results hehehhehe, anyway i’m so happy because Winny sent it to me in the end

This couple is very kind (actually almost all my couple is very kind person0 hehehhe let me tell you even after prewedding over Winny sent me a kimono from Japan Originally o my God i really happy and appreciate that  really Winny 🙂 Love your present soooo much

Winny have a smiling face and easy to get excited, that is interesting about Her, the husband to be is quite calm but nice person also, they make a very good couple

Winny face is a bit chubby but she have self confident that help her so much so the results of almost pictures is great. Make up for her need to be focus in the eyes cause small so i play with dark grey and some brown in different costumes to make it bigger look. other than the eyes i put on flawless shimmer pink as the blush and nude color lipgloss to her and in some other costumes i put on lipstick as coloc as her own lips

So with all the theme from all over the journey culture they bring from they imagination, please just enjoy my work this time also 😉

Thank you to Aaron & Winny >> Love is everlasting for both of you 😉

Thank you also to Tonny Trisnawan Photography .. Great Job for Great Moments (*_*)