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Momiji Makeup Artist Bali | Prewedding Wawan & Fany .. Fun All The Way ;)
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Prewedding Wawan & Fany .. Fun All The Way ;)

wawanfany3 copywawanfany7pre wedding wawan & tiffanywawanfany5wawanfany1wawanfany2wawanfany4pre wedding wawan & tiffanywawanfany6

HOHOHOHHO finally the pictures come out after so many months waiting.. Thank you for Teddy & Jessica MONO Photography for the great pictures you’ve shoots .. it fantastic guys .. Also Big Thanks for Wawan & Fany you both really fun to work with.. such an awesome couple and nothing more i can say for pretty you Fany (^_^)/

Enjoy Guys! 😉 Love