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Momiji Makeup Artist Bali | Prewedding Yus&Susan Singapore
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Prewedding Yus&Susan Singapore

Prewedding this time actually not really tight schedule but we have a lot of gown to wear that’s why it seem like more tiring than others hehehhe

Yus & Susan is very nice person also love to eat (same with me) that’s why during the shoots our mood is depend on what time to have lunch and what time to have dinner even though all of that time should be were out of time hahhahhaha

Susan have a unique face for me, event though she have a chubby cheek but after all she is photogenic, what is important for her is i put fake double eyelid and double fake lashes to make the eyes bigger, also i was playing with dark grey and black smokey eyes, for the other part of the face i put natural color to balance the eyes

The hairdo quite interesting because got a lot of gown n casual so need to change  a lot also, but that challenge for me, i’m happy that Susan Happy also with the results

I love playing with big hairpiece for her because it make the shape of face look smaller hehehheheh, anyway please enjoy my artwork for this couple 🙂

Love so much hehehheheh.. Leave some comment and contact me asap for any inquiry that you need for our services 😉

See you Girls in other story of my Blog!! yippie (*_”)/