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Momiji Makeup Artist Bali | Weddingku Magazine Shoots-Ide Seni by I Gusti Dibal :) Love it
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Weddingku Magazine Shoots-Ide Seni by I Gusti Dibal :) Love it

Well welll this is a little bit too long to publish this lovely dovey picture 🙂 yeah because of this is for one of the famous wedding magazine nowadays that’s why need to wait until they publish it firsts then i got the copy of the pictures 🙂

The Model name Cyril she is very unique face ever i see so far love to work together with her (this is the 2nd anyway)

I do make the make up look bit in korean liner style hehehhehe and sharp shade for the brown bronze color it feel and look sexy after all, nude lips always be my favs so far

for her hair i did may experiment for match the beautiful great wardrobe from Benten (sorry if i spell it wrong) famous designer in Jakarta. I don;t want to ruin the original shape hair of her, to be honest i really really want to have the curl like her hiks but can’t do, except one day i can go to states and do there hehehehehehe (pray to God)

Anyway please enjoy the pictures and leave some comment for me, don’t be so rude Guys hiks hiks hehehehe (^_^)/