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Momiji Makeup Artist Bali | “Yusuf & Inggrid .. It’s Fun Everyday With you Love”
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“Yusuf & Inggrid .. It’s Fun Everyday With you Love”

Some man destined together to adore woman in his life and entertain Her with whole of his Life ..

Love is not about money

Love is not  about prestige

Love is not about pride

love is not about look

love is not about height & weight

Effortless Beauty for Inggrid mean that i didn’t put to much makeup on her beautiful skin. Peach to orange blush on already beautifully shades the check bone on her so she look slimmer on face. dark Brown smokey and fake eyelashes make her eyes  bigger and speak! .. nude in pink color lipstick make her complete and fresh

The hair i do make some simple bun head and also bread front head that make her look special for the photos 😉

Anyway enjoy my other work of beauty  for Inggrid in this complete story

Love is when you express more in your eyes and speak much more with your body 😉

Thank you so much for Inggrid & Yusuf who allow me to share some of their moments .. also Thanks a lot for Indigo Six as the photographer with great talent who capture their happines step in this prewedding schene