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The Sweetest Couple ever ~ Jeff & Poppy The Recommitment Wedding - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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The Sweetest Couple ever ~ Jeff & Poppy The Recommitment Wedding

The Sweetest Couple ever ~ Jeff & Poppy The Recommitment Wedding

Since the first time i met with Her, Poppy & Husband i already adore how sweet they are as husband and wife.. They already married since years ago, i can’t remember exactly how many years it is .. but what i know is since they go college in United States, Jeff already show how dedicated he is to approach Poppy (they take different cities for university) every weekend Jeff spent about 5 to 6 hours driving to Poppy’s 🙂 Wow right and that happened for quite long until they decide to get married and got their first born cute son 🙂

This year they planning to have their beautiful reception in Bali on 20 September 2017 together with close relatives & friends, Eventho its a bit hard since Poppy in her 2nd pregnancy but the result is very Beautiful Wedding as you can see here in my Blog which is taken Superb by Super talented photographer Andreas Permadi – Adi for Axioo Photography

from the picture you can see and almost can feel directly how loved they are by their friends and families and how they love each other and they are super sweet i tell you this for sure 🙂

In the end with all that natural look for makeup & hair as she requested, I’m super satisfied with the result on her .. she look glowing and fresh and sweet in the same time 🙂

Be happy always dear Jeff & poppy also for your beautiful happy family

Big Thanks for Axioo Photography for sharing me this lovely pictures :))

Venue: Khayangan Estate

Decor: Rose & Willow

Wedding Organizer: Luxury Wedding Indonesia