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Agung Indrata & Silvia Fong The Wedding Ever After - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Agung Indrata & Silvia Fong The Wedding Ever After

Agung Indrata & Silvia Fong The Wedding Ever After

What can i say about this couple.. Hmmm they make it complete each other .. That Big Day, i remember that Silvia didn’t get to sleep at all she said maybe only for 1 hour tho, O My God that is what i said to her, What happened girl? i asked.. she said too nervous and so many thinks going on in her head wew.. So i did the make up & hairdo for her while trying to make her awake all the time Lol hahahhahha.. I don’t even know anymore what i’m talking about that morning

But Silvia have a nice calm and pretty face, so i don’t need to worry much that she look tired. She managed to smile all the time until the end of that day hehhhehhe, Good Job Girl!. If you realized, i did 3 different styles for her that day 🙂 Fiuhh, tired but She is amazingly happy so I’m very satisfied :)))

Please just enjoy some of their sweet moments in their pictures shared for all of you :))

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