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Albert & Evelyn 20-11-2011 - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Albert & Evelyn 20-11-2011

Albert & Evelyn 20-11-2011

It’s been waiting for almost 3 months to get the lovely pictures of Albert & Evelyn The Wedding that held on Church and The Sahita Villa Canggu Bali.

But our patient is so worth it, OMG she looked soooo gorgeous 🙂 Evelyn and Albert met me quiet far from 20-11-2011 but she able to do trial about 1 month before i though before the wedding because they are very busy.

Evelyn have adorable face after all, smiling face i said so whatever happen you still can see her smiling bright face ;). Evelyn eyes quite small that’s why i use dark grey and a bit black to make it look bigger with soft smokey eyes on her, not the heavy one, don’t want her look old though

after all the eyebrow just perfect already, the chubby cheek try to shape it with bronze gold color with a bit shimmer pink to the apple just a bit to look dewy sexy tone (love this technique best). put nude lips gloss to her and a bit peach color lipstick in the middle

Hairdo for the blessing match with the make up suit natural look so make a natural updo and use ur finger more to make structure like i done to her and put some fresh flower to complete the look of the veil also.

Nite look just awesome, i just put more black mascara to her eyes so it stand out more, and my fav MAC RED RUSSIAN Lipstick to her, to suit the look in vintage way i made half do to one side with the curl structure in vintage style and pin the hairpiece from lace that i sewed it myself special for her, i sewed it for 1 week with beads, svarovwsky and pearl

Anyway please enjoy the moment that The Bride & Groom and Big family share to us MOMIJI, Love is in the air :*

Photo by: Ricky & Co Photography Bali

Thanks to Albert & Evelyn also all ur GReat Families