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Anita wedding at Ayana Resort Bali - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Anita wedding at Ayana Resort Bali

Anita wedding at Ayana Resort Bali

It was interesting in their wedding because to be honest Anita i can’t remember ur husband’s name ;p sorry but what ii can remember is you n ur husband came from 2 different culture (anita : batak, husband : java) hehehhe so when anita speaking java it was a bit cute n funny hehhehe becaus let you know that batak have a special accent in the way the talk (i’m also sumatra so i knew it) n either with java, but the special accent is totally different hehehheheh, the other so smooth n the other sounds hard hehehehhe

But i really appreciate this couple, they can complete their differences become one.

What you guys maybe surprise is i just met her on the day, she trust me so much, what i like from my clients is most of them is really trust me can make them look the best in their own style, i never n don’t want to change the whole personality of one girl just because of their wedding, for me that is wrong because their husband to be love them just the way they are in person but on special day give ur best look n ur great smile that come from confidence because feel comfortn happy with their self

Anita look so amazing with 2 different dresses, she is definitely Angelina Jolie look, sexy and sophisticated so wow, even though on the day the pries came late 30 minutes n Anita also family so nervous until i also can’t breath normally fiuhhh if i remember that day how i try to make her laugh in the middle of her nervous, together with her bridemaids we try hard to make her not to think to much

Please enjoy the pictures that i get for you girls 🙂 enjoy!!