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Aris & Patty >> Perfect Couple in Love - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Aris & Patty >> Perfect Couple in Love

Aris & Patty >> Perfect Couple in Love

Aris & Patty is very perfectionist couple, actually that was make all of the concept working πŸ™‚

they like to try something new n not afraid of tired. Patty have very pretty n sweet face but sometimes she feel not confident. for mostly make up in Bali or in Singapore i just use soft natural make up for her in pink, light purple, n orange gradations, for hair just put some extension on her hair because her own is so short πŸ™‚

I believe you’ll love them, just like me πŸ™‚ enjoy!!

Here the newest episode of Aris n Patty that can tell you guys more, this is the next step of their life through my mind even now it’s a bit to late because the have been married now :p

I will post some pictures of them in their beautifully engagement party, what is make me always remember is how nice patty family to me especially mom, to be honest when patty send me the picture of her mom i was so scared hehehhehe because she was looked so mean :p (I’m sorry auntie) but when met in person wow she is so nice to me n ask me for eat every single time hahahhahha

TheΒ  nite before the engagement party, Patty was very very nervous just like she will getting merit that time, we can’t slept until 1 or 2 am i though that day, wew that nite i was pretend to do seriously a good adviser hahahahah, Patty do u still remember that nite??

But remember what i told u that nite?? see everything is just going well n that worries was just ur nervous feeling only, now i’m so happy to see you standing beside your husband (they already merit when i wrote this post) n look always smiling time by time

With love