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Black Swan in my way ;p - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Black Swan in my way ;p

Black Swan in my way ;p

Maybe you guys will asking why n maybe some more will feeling weird with my theme because you guys already saw Natalie Portman’s Black Swan, and after the movie releases many portfolio come with that theme n exactly similar with the movie, but for me is a big no if i have to copy it to my creation.I just want to adopt some of the details

Love to work together with Talented Roy – ForEachLove Photography and new comer model Karen also fabulous black dress from Mischa

The black dress already bring out the black aura and the character of the face n body language of Karen also make the feeling stronger that’s why i put more dark grey silver inside the eyelid n make it darker with black from half eyelid to outside, give more black eyeliner i love to use Bobbi Brown eye gel in shimmer granite n double it again from half line to outside eye line with MAC Black liner waterproof, put the thick black liner to down eye n leave the rest eye near by nose with white shimmer

put double fake eyelashes black n give mascara black waterproof from maybeline volumizer my fav

give a brown shadow to nose sides to create higher nose in camera, put higher shade in bronze to red orange exactly in cheek bone to make it higher so the shape of the face look sharp n dramatic

love to put pale lipstick not the black or dark red one, i want to make the strongest face in Black Swan character in my way, Black Swan is a Pretty Lady who is jealousy make her have a deep black aura n personality that you can see in her face shape but deep inside she is lonely n need somebody really love her from the very beginning she is,through that pale lips i want to show the innocent n lonely side of her – Lol that is just in my imagination, Enjoy it Girls 😉