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Dimas & Diana Wedding - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Dimas & Diana Wedding

Dimas & Diana Wedding

I knew Dimas since a few years ago, so when he came to me with his fiance Diana, i’m so  happy for them. Dimas Diana personally asking me to do make up for Diana of course as a friend i’m so happy to do that 🙂

They decided to use traditional wedding but in a bit casual way, that nice actually if you still can see the originally indonesian java ceremony but combine with modern way so not to hard n too long to follow

Dimas n Diana arrange all the ceremony together without any planner or organizer, that is why on the day Diana late to start the make up, i was so worry 🙁 o my god what should i do in the short time, luckily that her skin basically  nice so smokey eyes n pale lips make her look so different so outstanding. The hairstyle i do a modern way updo with Ronce Jasmine n white roses to completely the touch of modern n traditional wedding

For this long years i do make up n hairdo i always know that bride can smile purely from the heart only if she feeling confidence with the way she look n comfortable with that, no need to put too much but also don’t do less effort 🙂

Girls i give you pictures of Dimas & Diana