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Fairytale Wedding-Princess Ria (*0*)/ @ Tirtha Uluwatu - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Fairytale Wedding-Princess Ria (*0*)/ @ Tirtha Uluwatu

Fairytale Wedding-Princess Ria (*0*)/ @ Tirtha Uluwatu

Ria is a beautiful girl that become a model but only as a hobby, she is actually a doctor so adorable doctor she will be hmmm hehhehehe

from the first time we met she already request special for the make up she love Japanese dolly eyes because the eyes originally not really big 😉

for the hair she is quite simple, the important thing for her is the fringe have to be in Japanese style also hehehehe

even though on the day  since early in the morning many unexpected case happened (late pickup, didn’t get breakfast, not slept well, etc) and so many daydreaming during the make up sesssion hahahha Ria did you remember how many times i need to chat with you just avoid you fall asleep :)?

anyway Gals please enjoy some pictures from my own camera (not really professional for taking picture) hehehehe