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Ika & Jeff "The Wedding @PERTH" - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Ika & Jeff “The Wedding @PERTH”

Ika & Jeff “The Wedding @PERTH”

Wedding this time is very special because i’ve been through quite drama to be in Perth hehehhe.. wow long story .. Ika  & Jeff and Photography team know the story hehehhehe..

Anyway the wedding this time is about winter around so it’s really damn cool there .. and what ashamed was i didn’t know how to turn on the hitter in my room ;p

If you following my blog you guys must be know already that Ika & Jeff is already here the pictures of prewedding. so this time is the WEDDING hmmm it was so crowd there because all the preparations even the hand bouquet the made it them self, lucky Ika’s Mom very talented decorator and also made Ika Stunning hand bouquet.

Just the nite before the wedding i was doing color for Ika’s hair can you imagine that? OMG fiuhhh and  i was really really carefull cause what happen if the brown color suddenly drop and can’t wash on her face skin .. So nervous actually me that nite Ika ;p

i was start at 4am to do bridemaids 2 person, 1 maid of honour, 2 moms, 1 sister and Ika herself as the BRIDE make up hairdo.. it was so rush hours for me and even for breath  i need to think twice hahahahha

Special for Ika, the eyes is very small and  she have sexy lips so i decided to put some smokey colors in dark grey and a bit shadow inlight purple as fresh color on her and just put lips in peach and blush in peach as well so she look just perfect with eyes already heavy and the others as balance just natural ones.

The hair i put it simple elegance bun in the back with the flowery hairpiece as the decorate in the back and the crown the medium size one as the main hairpiece..

for the nite i decided to put some fresh green orchid on her hair and it was look so great on her 😉 . After seeing all the pictures i got from All Season  Photography Surabaya, i do can smile a lot seeing  all the expression the have. Love i can feel it guys 😉

Anyway just enjoy the moment they love to share with me and i share it with all of you guys 😉 .. Thanks Ika & Jeff for trusting me momiji as your make up artist for your prewedding and wedding day i love to see how pretty the smile you have in the pictures Ika 😉 you look so gorgeous. Also Big Thanks to All Seasons Photography Surabaya for the original pictures which i crop some hehehhee


Before and AfterSee you guys in the others story of Momiji ;)!!