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Indah lim & Deddy .. - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Indah lim & Deddy ..

Indah lim & Deddy ..

Indah & Deddy, what can i say about them? hmm .. super creative! hehehehe with quiet a lots things that the brought from Jakarta to Bali he2..

ok about Indah, she have a small eyelid but cute face so i don’t need to put so much make up on her, it will not nice on her, too fake i think, so just make an eyelid extra on her, put some thin eyeliner n blush pink, lipgloss n done :).. of course the reality isn’t sound that simple he3.. put darker eyeliner n red lips on her for the 60’s concept

The hairstyle is as much easy as the make up, just make a wave things for fun concept and 60’s hairstyle for the oldies concept

love it ^^/