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Indra & Evelyn Prewedding - "In the Mood of Love" - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Indra & Evelyn Prewedding – “In the Mood of Love”

Indra & Evelyn Prewedding – “In the Mood of Love”

Indra & Evelyn took their prewedding shoot quite a long time ago maybe even before Adrian&Nancy “The Secret of Recipe” Prewedding (look my post before this) .. But since i just get the complete series picture and have time just now to share the happy moments with you Girls 😉 please enjoy it hehehehhe..

Evelyn rather similar calm with Nancy but for the make up just different, even though both of them love natural things but for Evelyn i choose most in Korean make up n hairstyle for her and i didn’t wrong, it just go well for her 🙂 Yay!

The key of Korean make up is the flawless foundation n powder and up eyeliner full and fake lashes give peach blush for the shade and nude lip gloss and that’s it. The hair is medium length so it’s doesn’t need ekstention anymore i made simple wave curl for basic pattern and made a few different style depend on the wardrobe she wore for the exact shoots and location

No more story, just enjoy it the very best Mood of Love from Indra & Evelyn taken by Little Collins Picture talented Rangga & Bank 😉