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It's Sexy, It's Awesome, Airbrush for Glamz Kat katashi - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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It’s Sexy, It’s Awesome, Airbrush for Glamz Kat katashi

It’s Sexy, It’s Awesome, Airbrush for Glamz Kat katashi

Well well well a bit long time didn’t write something in here hehehhe so sorry girls it’s  been soooo damn busy in my life n job but also Thanks to God n St. Mary 🙂

This time i want to share my journey to get make up n great shoots with Kat as Model n Cin as photographer, it’s been like 2 – 3 weeks for me and Cin to discuss about having some shoots together but finally on 20 October it happened. It start with do the make up with Kat, supposed to be we start at 11.30am but because of the bad traffic in Bali n also Kat have another wardrobe fitting for her another job event that’s why we started at 12.30 wita

i’ve done some great colors for her with airbrush. Kat come from Venezuela and i thing because of she love get tan or the genetic, i need to cover the whole face n neck with like 3 layers foundations with airbrush and woalahhh got perfect skin tone to paint 😉

Love Neon Green combine with yellow also baby pink on her eyes and double layer eyelashes to make her eye more dramatic, i didn’t put so many dark eyeliner on her for the 2 beginning shoots but for the last shoots i change the neon green to darker green n put more down liner in heavy black wuowww Love the effect

About the hair also interesting because for the 2 beginning shoots i make her hair light wave so it more sexy also with some collections of my jewellery on her neck n big earrings to wear wuow sooooo Hotz, Hotter than the weather on that day i think hehehhehe, But for the last sessions i make an extraordinary hairpiece that inspired from ballerina tutu (*_*)

O my God maybe you Girls will not believe how many Hots Guys want to know who is Kat, n try to Flirt with her n try to talk or get close wuohoooo  hahhahhahah all of Guys on that day so fall in love with her i think 😉 but Kat is very nice Girl she said ‘Co’mon Melia i have fiance already hehehhehehe, Good Girl!

Enjoy Girls!! hope you love it also like me n give you some inspirations

Leave your comments ok 🙂 mmuach mmuach