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Kat Katashi Natural Beauty (YouTube) - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Kat Katashi Natural Beauty (YouTube)

Kat Katashi Natural Beauty (YouTube)

I’m doing her makeup in a very sheer look, i want to showing more of her natural beauty in this video so in other words beauty effortless.. Big Thanks to Kat Katashi for wakeup super early in the morning and also Big Thanks to Dekko Motion Team for their hard working to fulfil what i want to catch for the video hehehhe

That time weather really bad and didn’t look to support our work at all, so desperate to get it done quickly because the rain keep going and go like some annoying bugs 🙁

But for 2 hours working in this project i think everybody doing such an awesome job tho, so happy with the result and love for all the Team that day 🙂 hugs