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Love in the Air - Deasy & Franklin - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Love in the Air – Deasy & Franklin

Love in the Air – Deasy & Franklin

The first time i met Deasy in the morning in Kampong Cenik Villa.. she is sweet indeed bit shy girl at the first 😉 after makeover even me surprise a bit that she can make that kind of expressions (see the pictures) .. in some moments she look so pretty like korean girl and love it how she and Franklin have very good effort to get the best captures .. Mottomo Photography once again success made them look jus the way they are, Salute Guys 😉

i do some changing specially for the hair of Deasy since she look a bit vintage for chosen clothes and sometimes look so sweet .. i also just put more effort to the fake eyelashes and put less effort to other part so it look so natural on her.. once again i don’t want to make my Bride to be look older .. look fresh and chic is the best !!

anyway please enjoy some moments i share together with them 😉 .. thank you Deasy & Franklin also for Mottomo Photography .. Great Captures!!