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Lulu Bride from China - Wedding at Hongkong Garden Bali - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Lulu Bride from China – Wedding at Hongkong Garden Bali

Lulu Bride from China – Wedding at Hongkong Garden Bali

Dear Girls :)How are you and Happy New Year 2012 ya 🙂

I just got the complete pictures of Lulu my Bride that i met her 1 day before the Wedding day in Bali. She come from China mainland wow so far right? hehhee it just because she fall in love with Indonesian handsome guy hehehhehe.

Lulu the bride’s name, she was sick got terrible cough when she arrived here during doing the trial make up i’m not really able to see the spirit of usually bride, so sad

The Groom also a bit panic because she is not really able to eat 🙁

anyway on the day lucky that  everything going smooth even though she look very paint full cause the cough and fever also a bit nervous of the day. that’s why in the morning as the plan she will wearing cheongsam traditional Chinese dress in red so i made the hair in Shanghai old style and the make up i made natural only to make the eye look bigger and nicer with a little bit brown bronze color and black liner, a bit pink blush on the cheek and pink  nude lip color

for the nite she also look better so because the reception will held  on the big ballroom with so many lighting there so i made the make up heavier so when the lighting come to the face it’s not look pale for her. I use double natural lashes for her also complete with under fake lashes so it’s look bigger for the eyes, also the bronze shades so the face look sharper and last put medium baby pink lip gloss

Anyway please enjoy the pictures 😉