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Morgan & Letizia The Wedding of Fairytale - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Morgan & Letizia The Wedding of Fairytale

Morgan & Letizia The Wedding of Fairytale

Morgan & Letizia is a super nice couple

Letizia i call her Leti is a sweet girl with a perfectionist tendency but that also my habit hahaha so somehow we are match very well

Her wedding is absolutely fabulous with that white cherry blossoms as a full theme decoration make her dream wedding come true

to complete her wish i use quiet sharp brown for eyeshadow in the morning and double fake eyelashes in very natural strip so it’s still look natural and nice on her, i dont want her look like a barbie doll from somewhere i dont know hahahah, nude brown lips complete her color and make her look more mature but not old. her hair she love it clean look so i just make it simply bun with volume on top to make her beautiful veil look even gorgeous to wear. it super awesome all that details I love it so much

Fantastic pictures is taken by Venema Pictures Jakarta – Bali

Beautiful Wedding dress & veil by Yefta Gunawan

Organized by Mr. Gusri Wedding Services

With love

Momiji 🙂