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Nadia & Reza >>sweet couple - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Nadia & Reza >>sweet couple

Nadia & Reza >>sweet couple

Nadia & Reza is a very sweet couple 😉

You can’t imagine that in 2 days we doing prewedding without too much effort but get a great fatastic result. Also because of the talented photographer, Gusde 🙂

The make up i’ve done for Nadia in day 1 was  so natural, with baby pink n medium pink gradation from Channel and dark brown eyeliner gel from Bobbi Brown, some pink blush n natural gloss so fun. Thye hair done only a little wave things n 1 updo for formal dress in Museum Bali

Day 2 we concentrate in  formal wardrobe so the make up more specific, it was done with grey smokey eyes, black eyeliner, orange blush and pinky orange gloss, the hair look was more glamour but not to sleek.

finally i got all the series from the photographer the famous Gusde Photography

if there’s anything else , will continue later ;0

thank you guys n enjoy it!