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New Doll in Town - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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New Doll in Town

New Doll in Town

I have been post 2 pictures of talented Valentine in my facebook n promises to post completely story in my blog but just can do now cause so busy Girls hehehehhehe sorry before

Valentine is very humble n on-time models, let you now that mostly models still have bad habit to come late fiuhhh ;(

The pictures taken by Rudy ASEAN Photography come far from Semarang assistance with Coky that made all the costume n shoes Great right :)) we are just a great fabulous team
Starting at 8 am meeting n go to sweet cafe in Sanur area we go to Breakfast first so hungry guys hehehhehe while waiting for our delicious breakfast i done the make up for 1st costume, love to put so white based on Valentine face then to suit for the 1st costume i put so many aqua blue on her eyes not only the eyelid but the whole eye then put under eye with pink shimmer, give blush in pink color then pink nude for the lipgloss

The hair i special made the breeding n funny bun on on side  n the rest of hair just let it fall down with some light wave work on

Easy right hehehhehehhe n check this out the first costume

Enjoy the 1st costume?interesting right hehhehehe

for the 2nd costume basically same but i just try to make a different accent with change the hairdo n woalahhhh the results love it Girls 🙂

so remember that i made breeding for the 1st one, just let the breeds n bun in the position but now pull the rest of hair back and don’t use brush but use ur own finger to pull all the hair back then roll inside a bit loose (down position) then hold with some Bobbi pin, just let some hair loose so it look more natural but also don’t look too mess. Last put some accessories, for me i put pretty special handmade accessories by Coky so it look more like futuristic or etnique whatever you choose i agree with you Girls, so check this out  (*_^)/

See the different already? don’t forget the great Lady gaga Shoes hehhehehe

3rd costume i really change the total look of Valentine, if i didn’t put these pictures in one blog, i think you don’t know that is the same models so it ;p

i made the make up stronger with black smokey totally heavy n also the blonde eyebrow that originally she have i change in to black Latino then the red rusian lipstick from MAC (love it much much) last finishing i give much shimmer powder to all the bone in face n neck. The hair put many hair serum to make it look shinny n brush all back n make ballerina bun a little bit sides position, Then please take a look the gorgeous pictures below

There’s some pictures behind the scene heheheh here there are

Enjoy!!! hope you all love it also ;))