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Prewedding Irene Tjan & Yong.. It's when love call destiny" - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Prewedding Irene Tjan & Yong.. It’s when love call destiny”

Prewedding Irene Tjan & Yong.. It’s when love call destiny”

Irene Tjan is Indonesian and Yong is Singaporean. Long story i heard from Irene that they meet, known and loved unplanned it’s what i call destiny. Love come just in the right time and you don’t know where, when and who 🙂

Anyway Irene is bit boyish act but so pretty woman hehehhe, what i said is, she just nice the way she is. the make up actually not really hard to made for her, just a very pink complexion of her that made me have to correctly choose the based, foundation and compact to cover it perfect hehehhe. She was so consent for the thin hair she have. that’s why i tru to convince her that i will put on volume to trick it with the help of bumpit hehehhe.

Anyway please just enjoy another work of me here. i do hope that i can get the pictures of the wedding day 2 days after the prewedding shoots. Cause she looked dazzling there 😉

Enjoy Girls

Thank you for Irene Tjan & Yong for your sweetness to allow me share your happiness to all of the Girls in the world 😉

Also thanks to Mr. Adiwarna Irawan & Victor – Aftereffect, It’s so warm pictures you captured (*_*) so touching