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"Romantic & Intimate Moment in The Wedding of Thomas Meddy" - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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“Romantic & Intimate Moment in The Wedding of Thomas Meddy”

“Romantic & Intimate Moment in The Wedding of Thomas Meddy”

it’s happened couple months ago, 2 June 2012 to be exact @ Asante Villa Canggu Bali. i did trial make up for her only couple days before and it was going so smooth. On the day everything also start with so much fun and she choose to style the hair elegance sleek for the morning blessing and put some fresh flowers on. By the way the theme is “Katty Perry color 😉 hehehehe so you can imagine how fun it was for me to able do some more color on the various flowers 😉 .. for the make up she choose brown shade color to freshen the look she just asking the peach color blush and lips , simple indeed so pretty ;0 wowo wow

After they all back to Villa from blessing at Church .. suddenly the room pack with  laugh and because all the bridemaids, sisters, sisters in law mothers all have the make up and hair done together with Medy who did change the hair look and make up heheheheh.. So much fun Girls miss that moments..

For the nite Medy choose the hair down in one side and i did some extra work to made it didn’t look plain 😉 so i did some braids to the hairdo and do some pretty flower arrangement on the hair well almost all the guest and other girls amazed 😉 did you remember that Medy? ehhehehhe.. and for the make up she choose the smokey eyes in brown and bit black to made her  eyes loook stunning in the romantic light garden party ..

Ups i almost forget to mention that since the theme was Katty Perry so all the bridemaids wa wearing colorful dress such as yellow, blue, red wow and my team put on different colors fresh flower for the hair and the Girls can choose whichever flowers the love wow so everybody happy then heheheheh

Anyway please enjoy great pictures i share for you my blog lovers  i hope you Guys also can understand and enjoy the happiness and intimate moments with me and the happy Couple Thomas & Medy Thank you for allow me share your Happiness also so much thanks to William Sebastian for the great pictures 😉

See you all in another story of my work of art in my life 😉 .. Thank you for visiting this blog (*_^)/