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Samuel & Adrienne Stephanie "The other side of Their Passion..." - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Samuel & Adrienne Stephanie “The other side of Their Passion…”

Samuel & Adrienne Stephanie “The other side of Their Passion…”

Samuel & Adrienne Really amazed me not only one but many times during our photoshoot on that 1 day only. Firstly Adrienne Stephanie design all of her dresses here Damn that is really something Girl! I love all of what she did in every single details. She is A Great and rising star designer nowadays with Brand  ADRIENNE STEPHANIE ,.. Wow hehehhehhe Great isn’t it. Her taste is very Couture for me and that is make it amazing and i think i will order some dresses from her in this near future though hehehhehe. in The other hand Samuel have his own taste to choose his wardrobe to balance Adrienne, There you go and the result is GUSDE PHOTOGRAPHY Team (Gusde, Adiwarna, Ngurah Rai) took so many great shoots without hard effort to direct the couple, cause they already know their good side as the main point to show in the pictures đŸ˜‰

I put very Thick Black Liner for Adrienne and make her sharp eyes looked fascinating, blending some bronze shade for her check bone and her jaws make her look stand out the most

Anyway BIG THANKS for Samuel & Adrienne Stephanie also Talented GUSDE PHOTOGRAPHY .. :))

Enjoy Girls!!