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"Sweet like Honey" Andri & Olivia - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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“Sweet like Honey” Andri & Olivia

“Sweet like Honey” Andri & Olivia

Actually this series coming late which is the couple will have their 1st wedding anniversary on this 16 February 2015 hehhehhe, yeah right the photos keep save in my hard disc drive waiting for me to uploading it and now is the right moment hehehe

I don’t know if my sweet couple Andri & Olivia still remember me or not? hehhehe . That day in Ritual Chapel when they doing their preparation very calm and full of laughs especially with the bridemaids who help Olivia reduce her stress, she look very calm that day but i know she isn’t hahah

She is very beautiful young lady with very gentle smile and trust me to do whatever best for her that day 🙂

Thank you so much Olivia & Andri for trusting me to become your special Makeup & Hair person .. Live happily always and great fortune  will be with you guys :*

Big thanks for The Leonardi for your great captured and allow me to share some of that great pictures for my blog viewers around the world :)) You Guys Rock!


Enjoy Guys :))

Everyone say Sweet Love like Honey but don’t Stung like the Bees.. Live Happily Ever After Andri & Olivia 🙂