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"The Bright Bride Smiles in The beautifully Rainy Wedding Ever" Crystine Dai & Bill - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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“The Bright Bride Smiles in The beautifully Rainy Wedding Ever” Crystine Dai & Bill

“The Bright Bride Smiles in The beautifully Rainy Wedding Ever” Crystine Dai & Bill

this is the story of Crystine Dai & Bill which where they come from very different culture but nobody know anyway what God Plan for both of them

Since the first time i met Crystine, i found the mature young woman in her that can calm Bill and charm him i think. On the day of wedding eventhough heavy rain pour the earth and didn’t show it will stop soon, She still can make a bright smiles 😉

I help her to put on some light and fresh makeup with some light smokey brown on her and give other part baby pink tones for the holy matrimony, complete with light updo hair that give the clean feeling for her and finished with some fresh flower so that her look will stand out in that heavy rainy day

The night come with romantic light after the rain, she decided to use old classic theme for her look that night, so i help her with put bit shimmer tone and bronzer on cheek and don’t forget the outstanding Bobbi Brown “Red Carpet” Lipstick which is i love the most and it was so great for her look, the hairpiece that her brought inspired me to made some clean front look and cover half of the front face and made some light curl and pin it for the back hair ..

You can look how gorgeous she is in some of pictures i attached and share here with you

Thanks a lots for Crystine & Bill

Also big thanks to Yogi Suara for your great captures 🙂

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