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The Lost Swan - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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The Lost Swan

The Lost Swan


The planning to make this shoot just coming suddenly when my friend Cin Shine from Newtype.Art.O.Graphy coming from Jakarta and got a few days off , After that we try to contact Vanessa Marcio who was 1 of model we knew and ever use her once before.

This theme come up because i found 1 wardrobe that i just bought in Bangkok which is so like swan but black one, so that i thought that maybe interesting to have a swan theme and make it The Lost Swan since she is beauty but she want a freedom.

i made her use very white artificial hair and paint her face with bright color: sky blue for the highlight, shocking pink for the under eyes and connected with baby pink for the check also fantastic eyelashes with full white glitter which is very Swan Lake  😉 Love this one. also to make the face strong, i put brown shimmer up to the bone. pale lips and for the inner i splash a bit baby pink glossy

Hope you guys enjoy what we have done here 😉

Thanks to Cin Shine for great captures and also Vanessa Marcio for Great Posture, Mimic and body language 😉