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The Mix Culture Procession of Dr.Sitha & Komang - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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The Mix Culture Procession of Dr.Sitha & Komang

The Mix Culture Procession of Dr.Sitha & Komang

Hi Girls! how are you today? Hope everything goes well same with me today heheheh.. it’s just a bit tired last few weeks but cause i met all of new friends (new photographer and clients become friends) so it kind of warm my heart with all of their humors

Now i will upload some great photos of Dr.Sitha & KomangĀ  from their prewedding untill the wedding šŸ™‚

I don’t really remember how Sitha told me the very first meeting of them though but what i saw during the shoots and the wedding preparation is Komang really really love Sitha and caring lots .. bit jealousy cause mine not really like that :p

Anyway the prewedding sessions it take 2 days full in Ubud and startĀ  from 4am in the morning to do make up for Sitha. Prewedding theme make up hairdo is just fresh fun and just the way Sitha is.. with exotic tan skin, i choose simple silver and cream color for the eyelid but put on strong fake eyelish to make it brighter, shade and lips i choose the dewy look to make it sexier and fresh. For the hair i love to put some of different creations for her because of the color full wardrobe that they bring it kind of candy warm feeling.

It’s feel different for the wedding, in the wedding i met Sitha calmer and more smile hahhaha, love the expressions.. They choose balinese mix Javanese in baby pink and light green color for the theme on Dec 30 2012 Wedding. That day i put on green shimmer on the eyelid and combine with dark brown for make the eyes bigger and cream highlight to bright the eyes. fake eyelashes i put on up & down so it more dramatic. i just give a little bit more shade in bronze and peach color to the cheek bone and red russians lipstick from MAC to complete the look.. She is Goddess on that day though (*_*)/ .. The hair i put some of breads extensions and make it simple for the hairdo because the hairpiece already so Glamz with gold hairpiece and one side baby pink roses combine with some of purple flowers.. That day she gonna beĀ  smile all the way and have remembered nite ever thatĀ  i though..

So Girls please enjoy the picturesĀ  from the great moments of Dr.Sitha & komang wedding , Taken by Infocus Bali .. Great Photography in Bali