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The special 11-11-11 for the Bride _Herline & the Groom_Adrian ;) - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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The special 11-11-11 for the Bride _Herline & the Groom_Adrian ;)

The special 11-11-11 for the Bride _Herline & the Groom_Adrian ;)

Well we knew that this year 11-11-11 it called the wedding day of the world, i met Herline about 8 months before the Big day, she look soo white, soo calm and soo nice  person, but during the trial there’s something happened actually and sorry Gals it’s secret between me n Herline ;p

anyway because she isn’t very confidence with the eyes that’s why we made some trick to make the eyes look bigger but not too much like a doll blink blink blinl hehhehehe and for the hair i made 2 looks for her, special ceremony chic elegance it was so her especially with stunning wedding dress, better to made it up do classic and remember this is Bali gals so don’t please don’t put too much Tiara or Big Crown on your hair ahhahaha,so i put some fresh flowers combination between white avalon roses, white orchid and babysbreath, she look sooo fresh like those flowers hehehehhee. The nite look for party special for her to match again with the dress i made a bit vintage for the fringe and don’t forget she is the bride so put just 2 roses (btw theme is yellow) don’t make it empty it’s too lonely hi3

and Wooalahh she just ready to made a first dance with handsome groom Mr.Adrian. soo sweet just want to cry if i imagine that way

so just enjoy some special pictures of her during the ceremony look and vintage nite party look 😉

love it Yeay!