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"True Love do Exist with Your Believe,..." Wedding of Eri & Febe Lie" - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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“True Love do Exist with Your Believe,…” Wedding of Eri & Febe Lie”

“True Love do Exist with Your Believe,…” Wedding of Eri & Febe Lie”

I uploading this pictures while hearing Korean Songs “Taeyang” with so much Love things saids .. well and watching one by one the story tell behind the captures and i burst into tears while sort it out, Herry Portrait you did captured so damn well man all the experienced and story happening that day come back to me and remember all the story Febe told me. O Girl i do wishing all the best now and forever for you and your 2 cutest angels tho. You look so absolutely beautiful dear 🙂 and I’m so happy even with all the tears of Joy the makeup didn’t smudge at all :* I’m feeling awesome there hehehhehehe.. simple hair also work so well for you Febe i know that look made your inner out and sparks like a star 🙂

Live happily now and forever fullest with love and health .. Love from your makeup artist here who learn something from you and your little happy family 🙂 Hugs & Kisses

Note: This pictures below are Digital and non edited 🙂


Now i’ll give you guys the FILM PICTURES RESULTS from HERRY PORTRAIT .. The results awesome 🙂  I Resize the pictures because it was super Big the size ..