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Wedding of Mark & Nia - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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Wedding of Mark & Nia

Wedding of Mark & Nia

Nia booked me like almost 2 years ago, Her wedding is 18 August 2018 btw 🙂

I met her for the first time by accident in Alila Seminyak when she  & Mark went to check the venue, that time i only have a change to see her face like couple seconds since she is quite busy tho, but i know already  my Petit Bride to be, Nia is a pretty girl and have a very unique mix look

The journey is kinda like roller coster especially near the months, i know she got like panic attack but i really confident that i could turn Her into “Princess Look” as she always dream about. What make it a bit challenge is that she is a makeup you tuber and got a very nice accounts hehhehe.

On the wedding day she is surprisingly quiet relax and chill in the morning so it make my job easier cause the mood is so great, i put on a flawless foundation & contour then brown mix with bright orange shimmer color on eyes complete with black liner and double fake eyelashes make her look so awake in that early morning, i complete the look with peach blush and highlighter in peach shade + nude lip color that suite her so much for that morning look. I’m so happy that the elegance look is complete for the church holy matrimony

then she meet me again in the afternoon around 3pm but that time because of tired & bad weather that time, Nia’s Mood kinda swing to bad and worst. I trying to look calm eventho actually bit panic cause mood always effect the makeup result. I decide to put on brave color for eyeshadow with smooth glitter in bronze tone and put more mascara for under eyelashes so the eyes look very stunning. Bronzer mix with gold shade highlighter make the jaw and cheekbone higher so she look slimmer for the night & i complete that bold look with red orange color in matte .. She turn into a Princess that night .. and no one know that she almost cry super sad that afternoon cause of bad weather. Miracle happened and i believe God & St. Mary give me this skill to be a part of that miracle that give her & family the most happiness in their special day. So i’m using it to the Max to make her smile come back and framing that beautiful face whole night.

Thank you Mark & Nia 🙂

With love