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"When I Found You There's Love ... " Hilda & Ilham Prewedding Story - Momiji Makeup Artist Bali
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“When I Found You There’s Love … ” Hilda & Ilham Prewedding Story

“When I Found You There’s Love … ” Hilda & Ilham Prewedding Story

Great Photography by : Mottomo Photography Jakarta

Still fresh in my mind that this couple in the very early morning unusually wake up and i do makeup for Hilda which is have very beautiful face and such long great hair.

This case is special cause they told me that the prewedding sessions supposed to be secret from their parents hmmm dag dig dug dag dig dug hahahhaha, so that was why they especially Hilda didn’t bring to many dresses but even though like that thanks’ God that all the chosen dress is completely gorgeous so that was safe.

Makeup  for Hilda need to put more consent in eyelashes and not in to heavy makeup, so you will see down here that all the makeup for her is very simply fabulous but i do consent for the eyes and hairdo, which is i changes so many times to match with her cloths

Anyway please enjoy their moments  of Love which is during prewedding if you be there instead me, you can see how much love Ilham have for Hilda 😉 . happy wedding Ilham & Hilda since they just get married last week or last 2 weeks from i write this blog. I do want to ask so many questions about how was your parents reaction when they know about the prewedding sessions heheheheh, maybe when we meet ok 😉